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May 14, 2012 By: Patrick "Kewk" Bowman

The big question on the forums lately seems to be ZOMG WHAT ARE THEY DOING?

Well we were REALLY hoping to get an awesome content patch out to you guys last week but obviously that did not happen. What we did have was an awesome Twitch.tv event where you all came out and got yourselves a bunch of new developer T-Bag screenshots!

Before I move on and let you guys know exactly whats going on behind closed doors I want to take a second to thank everyone that has made our Twitch.tv events a great success. We will be doing another event this Friday May, 18 4:30pm PST (-8GMT)! We will also be streaming it live to our normal Twitch.tv page smile

Now on to the nitty gritty! :D

What ARE we doing?

Clans - We know… no seriously WE KNOW. This has been talked about for a long time and even dates for release have been given out. I PROMISE you it is coming. We just want to make sure it is working at 100% before we roll it out to you. This is a top priority for the team and we are doing the best we can to get it to you ASAP.

Melee - Awwweeee yeah! Melee is coming to the game! I expect to see some AWESOME montages with melee kills once we release it! :D

Consumables - We are hard at work on consumables like Medkids, Bandages, Motion Sensor, Riot Shield, Turrets and more!

Vehicles - We had some initial vehicles working and to be flat out honest they did not work to our liking so we went back to the drawing board and are currently working on new vehicles that are MUCH more fun to play with. They are SO much more fun now and I hope to get a video to show you soon!

Destructible Objects - With the introduction of vehicles it just wouldn’t make sense if we didn’t have “things” within the game world that didn’t break smile

Crossroads - We are doing a brand new Crossroads that was designed for vehicles and destructible objects!

Deathmatch Maps - Our designers have been VERY hard at work making a bunch of new Deathmatch maps for you guys. We have been playing them internally and they are fantastic! We cannot wait to unleash these out to you guys and will do a play with devs day featuring those maps once they are released! smile

These are the main things that we are currently working on. As always we are looking at fixing any bugs you guys report AND continually stopping any new hacks that might make it passed our anit-cheat software.

Also, if you haven’t heard about our YouTube $5000 Video Contest CLICK HERE! and enter! :D

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