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January 31, 2012 By: Denis

The Team here at Online Warmongers is excited about the many new features that we are currently working on for the game! As we drive towards our full release, (Leaving Beta Behind!), by April 2012, we are focused on delivering top quality production values that are normally only found in traditional retail games. Taking the lead in the free-to-play combat shooter market, War Inc. Battle Zone will be rolling out new features that will deliver hard hitting combat action to our players. The new features that we are lining up are going to make the combat in War Inc. even more intense and exciting that it has been to date. These new features are:

• First Person View Mode
• Weapon Customizations
• Combat Vehicles
• New Maps
• New Skill System

So here are some details about each feature:

We are sure that many of you will be very happy to begin playing War Inc. in the new First Person View Mode. This is a feature that we have been looking to put into the game for some time now. For those that have been asking, thank you for your patience as we have worked to put the FPS mode into the game. War Inc. will be the first game to off players the choice of playing either in FPS or TPS modes! Players will be given a choice of which view they want to play in and they can choose to play with players in either view or only with players in the same view. With this addition the combat is going to grow even more intense and you will be surprised at the look and feel of the weapons in FPS mode and the experience that this view gives you.

In addition to improving the art for the weapons for FPS mode, we are also bringing you the exciting new feature of Weapons Customization. That’s right Mercs! You will now be able to customize your favorite weapons that you have permanently acquired in the game. When you customize a weapon you will buy a specific part to upgrade a specific weapon. Parts that you can use to customize a weapon with will include such things as a variety of scopes, grips, stocks, magazines, receiver body’s, barrel types, top & bottom rails, side rails, and muzzle attachments. Each of these attachments will allow you to maximize the potential performance for your weapon, giving you an edge in the Battle Zone.  Adding these attachments will allow you to improve the weapons that you own and like the most. So here’s how it works. You find an attachment for your favorite weapon, choosing it according to how it will improve your weapons overall performance. Once you buy it, you can take it to “the range” and try it out on various targets set in 4 stages at close, medium, long and extreme ranges. After you are familiar with the weapons new performance jump into the Battle Zone and give ‘em hell!

Combat Vehicles will be roaring into War Inc. in original and all new levels, designed to maximize their use and add specific advantages to team combat. Each vehicle will be drivable by all players and will afford room for other players to hitch a ride to expedite the team’s capture of control points or to take advantage of an enemy’s weakness at strategic moments during the game play. We can’t emphasize enough how these vehicles will add a new strategic element to the maps that you can use them on. Be bold, be aggressive, move team members quickly and safely across danger areas, and hit the enemy fast and hard when they least expect it. Add to that the fact that each vehicle will have its own unique weapon system that will add to a team’s firepower and you will have a dynamic game changer which will keep the battle rolling across the new conquest maps.

We are sure that the words “New Maps” will ring like music to the ears of many players. Not only are we creating new maps such as “The Citadel” and “The Valley”, (Working Title), but we are making major facelifts and improving to our older maps. You will see the first example of this when we roll out the new and improved “Crossroads” map. We now have over 150 million hours of player time in the game and we are using your feedback and our Dev.’s experience to sharpen and improve our maps. The team at Online Warmongers is currently working on additional maps that will take you to varied and exotic locations around the globe. Watch for more blogs and screen shots on the new maps soon.

Finally today, let us tell you about the New Skill System. A major change coming is that your Loadout Slot will now become its own customizable permanent character. What does that mean compared to the current Loadouts and characters? Well, each loadout will be completely individual from the other loadouts, having its own specific skill tree in addition to the overall global skill system that applies to all loadouts. This will make each loadout “character” a wholly unique warrior that you can manage and modify in ways that are currently not possible. There will be 4 specialties to build your characters around and each will have a multi-tier skill tree for you to customize and build your characters abilities on. With the increased specialization that we are bringing to you the player, War Inc. will become even more enjoyable as you mold your characters into lean mean fighting machines!

Finally, we’ll tease you by saying that our next big blog will cover the new Clan and Clan Wars features coming to War Inc.! The Team is excited about these features and know that you will be as well, so stay tuned for the details soon!